Maria, the first time I spoke to you told me you were getting your trainee to write a 'rude letter' to our opponent. That made me laugh and I was glad to have you on my side (especially as we later won). The first time I met you I had the honour of being your guest at the races and of getting to know you better amidst a cluster of clients whose admiration was evident. When I later became your colleague you often made time to catch up and take a coffee in the sunshine together, and I appreciated that very much. You recognised and rewarded the efforts that I made at work and when I went through hard personal times you made me laugh again, and kept an eye on me through the struggle. The last time I saw you I came to let you know, because you so evidently cared, that I was getting along a little better and moving forward. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your concern. I am glad I came that last time through the door that was always open, no matter how great the responsibilities you were juggling were. You were a role model for me: a brilliant lawyer and a compassionate human. You did so much for so many. I am grateful to have known you. You will be missed.

Lit on 17/10/2017

This candle went out on 1st November 2017.