When I joined the North of England P&I I shared a room with Janet Cook. This was just before the Marchioness Disaster - and I started to hear stories about this amazing lawyer. As my career progressed and I developed my love and connection for Cyprus I would walk the streets of Limassol following in the footsteps of this amazing lawyer and trying to steal her clients. We became good friends and trusted opponents and then my whole life changed when I won the honour to work for her heading the team that she had built and now she has sailed to a horizon where I can no longer rely on her constant smile, her strength, her guidance, her beauty as a woman and a human being. There is a hole in my soul that can never be filled until one day I see that smile again. We often talk of people as being "one of a kind" - but in Maria there walked on this earth for far too short a time one that can never be replaced. My dearest friend and colleague you will be with me for always, lighting my way and guiding my path from afar. It is your joy and smile that I see before me as I write this and that is what will keep me warm through the cold days of winter to come. Thank you for your trust and vision and be sure that what you planned will be carried through as you would have wanted it. For now good night sweet heart.

Sent by Julian on 12/10/2017