I was lucky enough to work closely with Maria for 7 years as one of her juniors and "work daughters". She taught me so much both on a professional and personal level. Not only was she the most amazing, fierce and fearless lawyer I knew, paving the way for women to succeed in the marine industry, but she lit up every room she entered with her infectious laugh, wicked sense of humour and glamorous style. From my first day in her department as a trainee I was completely in awe of her and the way she commanded attention just by entering a room. One of my favourite memories of Maria was making the mistake of letting her loose on my Tinder account during a taxi journey to a Beyoncé concert- I ended up with some very interesting matches to say the least (mostly Greek boys!) and I can still remember now her cackle as she gleefully shopped for a future husband for me! I will miss Maria so much. If I end my career being even half the lawyer she was, I will count myself very lucky. Sending all my love to Takis and the boys. Xxxxxx Laura Dobbs

Sent by Laura on 13/10/2017