Maria was a truly inspirational woman. She was revolutionary, dynamic, fierce, intellectual, funny, kind and glamorous. I have never met anyone else with the same energy. She told me once that she wanted to be a teacher, not a lawyer. She was very much a teacher. She spent so much of her time developing the juniors in her team and ensuring we developed our legal and commercial skills. Maria not only developed me as a lawyer but as an individual - she even made me invest in good skin care! I am so very proud to be one of her work daughters. We had so many laughs together whether it was visiting clients, dancing at Christmas parties (where she she would know all the latest songs), going to Ascot or walking from the station to the office (always in high heels!). She used to tell us stories of her smashing plates at family events and of her successful shopping trips on the way to the office. She was always co-ordinated with her outfits - matching shoes and handbags - she put all us junior women to shame! I sit right by Maria’s office and I still expect her to come walking down the corridor and announce her arrival with “Have you missed me”? How can you not miss her? I will miss Maria so much. She had the most infectious laugh and always managed to make work fun. She was such an inspiration to me that I can’t really find the words but I will always carry Maria in my heart. Sending love to Takis and her boys. Xxx

Sent by Sarah on 12/11/2017