A truly special person, real, giving, loving is no longer with us...

Created by Gina on 18/10/2017
We say it, yet we never truly realize how true it is until it is too late...Life is too short, make sure you enjoy it and live it in a way that makes you happy! It was only a few days ago that we were together, discussing legal matters which you were so passionate about and always willing to share your knowledge, enjoying Brussels and it's chocolates and even though you had shared the sad news that you were ill, it was so admirable how you decided to "dismiss" it and continue your life as is, how you remained positive, how you continued to smile and laugh, with that laugh from your heart...I should have told you how much your strength inspired me that day, how you had become a teacher and valuable friend...now it is too late, as you are no longer with us! A great loss for all that have had the luck to have met you and especially for your family whom you loved and who loved you so dearly! May they be granted with the strength to continue their lives in the way that I am certain you would want them too, leading by your example as a role model in never giving up, no matter how difficult and hard it may be! May your soul rest in peace Maria mou, as your words shall remain with us, continuing to guide us through life! Whether for years, months, days, hours or even minutes, people come in our lives for a reason and I feel lucky and honored to have met a person as special as you, even for such a short time, you have taught me so many things, but most importantly to not be afraid to be yourself! Thank you for being you! 🌺 💜